Installation of Fr Greg as Parish Priest on June 10 by Archbishop Anthony Fisher

Fr Greg Morgan fmvd will be officially installed as the Parish Priest of St Charles Borromeo & Our Lady Queen of Peace Ryde-Gladesville Parish by Archbishop Anthony Fisher on Sunday, 10 June 2018 at the 10am Mass in St Charles Borromeo Church.

Following the Mass there will be a brunch in the grounds and hall of St Charles Catholic Primary School. There will be activities for the children and entertainment for the adults.

Please let the Parish Office know if you will be coming along so that we can arrange catering.
This is a great opportunity to come together to celebrate as one community.

Mothers Day Message from Fr. Greg

I think motherhood is one of the greatest and most challenging of Christian vocations that exists. It is also certainly one of the toughest. 
That is because Christian motherhood is not just a question of giving birth, feeding, educating and raring a child; that is what you have in common with all mothers. No, what sets you apart from the rest is that you have the calling to form your children and grandchildren into the children of God they were born to become. 
It is about teaching your children to know and love their own heavenly Father and Mother as well, who love them beyond their wildest dreams. And that they have a mission in life, right from the word ‘go’. God created them “to walk through the world doing good” just like Jesus did (Acts 10, 38). They can touch the world with God’s love too! 
So a Christian Mum isn’t called just to bring out the best in them, like all Mums are, but to bring out the Christ in them! For having been baptised, they know that their children have the…

Walk With Christ 2018

The annual Walk With Christ Eucharistic procession from St Patrick's Church Hill to St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney CBD will take place this year on 3 June. 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of a little known, but most heroic and faith-filled time in the history of the Australian Church. 

In 1818, the Government forcibly removed the only Catholic priest in Australia, Fr Jeremiah O’Flynn, from Sydney. Fr O’Flynn’s last pastoral act was to leave the Blessed Sacrament reserved in a faithful Catholic’s home so that the colonists and prisoners could come to adore Christ present there. For two years, the Blessed Sacrament, in this lay Sydney home, was the source and centre of worship and consolation for the priestless Catholics of the Australian colony.

Therefore 2018 marks the 200th Anniversary of Eucharistic Adoration in Australia. Join us as we mark this occasion in a particular way with the annual Walk With Christ Eucharistic Procession on the Feast of Corpus Christi, Sunday 3 June 2…

Easter Week 3 Homily from Fr Greg: Find the Risen Lord in the wounded people around us.

Once again this week, our Gospel takes us back to that first Sunday of the Resurrection. The Church insists on reminding us where to find the Risen Christ, and teaches us Basic Christian Survival Tactics.
Today, the readings lead us one step further. We can also find the Risen Lord hidden in the hurting and wounded people around us. You see we are all fundamentally wounded; you and I, all of us; and the Church was designed by Jesus to be close to those who suffer and to heal hearts wounded by sin. Pope Francis tells us that:
“The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful; it needs nearness, proximity. I see the church as a field hospital after battle. … [So, then] … heal the wounds, heal the wounds. ... And you have to start from the ground up.”
So we ought to start from the ground up … with whoever happens to come to you, distant from God and wounded by evil. We make ourselves near to them, we put ourselves beside them, so as…

Easter Week 2 Homily from Fr Greg: Christian Survival Tactics.

‘Christian survival tactics’ are a bit different to others, but we need to learn them, to maintain ourselves “resurrected with Christ”, and stop going back to that empty tomb, looking among the dead for one who is alive.
Remember, as far as Jesus is concerned, it is not so much the survival of the fittest but the survival of the humblest. We will find the Risen Christ again when we humbly go back to our Churches, plug ourselves into our faith communities, and recharge with grace and forgiveness from the Risen Christ.
The positive influence of our faith community is a means of overcoming the massive influence the world has on us. For we were never meant to live our faith alone, in splendid isolation, as if our spiritual life depended solely on what each one of us did (or didn’t do) in an individual sense.
The Gospel today begins by telling us that: “the doors were closed in the room where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews.” Those who had put Jesus to death wanted to deal with his d…

Easter Sunday Message from Fr Greg

There is really nothing like the Easter season and Holy Week to get us back on track, and relaunch ourselves into the journey of life. It is like when these deep space orbiters pass close by a planet, deliberately putting themselves into its’ orbit so as to use it to gain momentum, change direction, and launch out deeper and deeper into open space with added energy and new direction.
We need Holy Week every year for that. As Christians and Catholics, we tend to lose momentum or direction during the year, because the circumstances of life affect us. Holy Week is like a super summary of some of the most important issues in life, and Easter Sunday the culmination of it all. We have highs and lows, and so did Jesus. Jesus goes with us into our highs and lows, to redeem them.
Easter Sunday is meant to be a kind of rebirth, propelled by the love of a God who was willing to lay down his life for his friends, and that includes us! So, if we have the experience of feeling like something is missi…

Y-Factor Camp

In the first week of the school holidays, the Archdiocese of Sydney held its Y-Factor youth camp for high school students at St Gregory's College Campbelltown. Quite a number of youth attended from our parish: Seamus, Stefano, Alyssa, Olivia, Sophia, Nick, Tim and Christian. Two youth leaders from our parish, Justin and Jessie also helped to organise and lead the camp. Fr Greg and Br Dan also joined for the last day of activities. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and would like to go back again next year.

Morning Prayer and Adoration at SCB

For anyone interested in starting their day with the Lord, Fr Greg, Fr Alfredo and Br Dan will be opening up the church in St Charles Borromeo for the Morning Prayer of the Church (Lauds) along with a period of adoration every Tuesday to Friday morning from 6am to 8am.

Gaudete et Exsultate: We are called to be holy!!!

Pope Francis has recently published a new Apostolic Exhortation called Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and be glad), on the call to holiness in today's world. 

He writes of what it means to be holy in the modern world, with many specific examples: viewing a person sleeping on the street not as an obstacle or a political problem but as a human being; refraining from gossip in the grocery store and impatience with our children; reading the Bible even in a time of constant online distractions; avoiding being “caught up in networks of verbal violence through the internet.”

We encourage everyone to read this new document from our Holy Father and take up his call to be holy where you are: in your family, in your workplace, in school, with your friends because our world desperately needs holy Christians, people who can reveal the face of God to everyone else.

You can find the English translation at…

Stamps for Mary MacKillop

We have a contact who saves postage stamps for the charity of Mary MacKillop International Missions in Peru. 
 Next time you receive some mail that has a postage stamp, why not just tear it off ensuring that you don’t damage the stamp and when you have saved a few drop them into the Parish Office.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – a gentle journey into the Catholic faith

Would you like to explore the possibility of joining our Catholic family? 
Are you interested in a gentle, comprehensive, community-based process towards initiation into the Catholic faith? 
The Parish sacramental programs may inspire some parents or family members to consider embracing our faith.
Alternatively, the idea may have been percolating for years.
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults Process (RCIA) may be for you, or for someone you know.

Remember, rejoice!

"Remember, rejoice!" a book on the History of St Charles Borromeo, Ryde parish is available.

There are many enjoyable moments recorded in the book including highlights of the people who have made history real over 165 years.

Many photographs and never before seen artefacts have also been reproduced.

The book recounts the struggle to establish a Catholic presence in Ryde and surrounding areas.

It chronicles events over 165 years and up to the present day.

Copies can also be purchased from the Parish Office at a price of $35

Can you HELP?

The parish requires interested persons who would like to go on a roster to open and set up the church on weekends for Weddings (no experience needed). 
Please contact Sharron in the parish office 9807 2966 for further information.